Company Overview

WingCore is a fabless company founded in Korea, 2009. Our technical background and experience are based on NVM device, design and products. We have cooperated for long years with Keyfoundry to develop eNVM blocks like embedded EEPROM and eFlash.

Since 2009, we have provided EEPROM IP macro blocks to various customers in the world. Until now, more than 300K wafers have been successfully shipped and produced. One of the advantages of our eNVM macro is a very short test time ( less than 1sec/die) and strong reliability already proved through a lot of customer products.

Smart Solution Sales and Development for Video-conference (MaxHub)

Korea Sales Office of GigaDevice

At the same time, we have been working for GigaDevice with flash memory product sales & distribution as its Korea sales office for almost ten years. GigaDevice ( ) is a fabless design company which is very promising and enterprising. They are producing a various memory products: NOR, NAND, MCP (NAND+DRAM), eMMC, DRAM, and MCU.