What is eNVM IP?

Nowadays, more and more functions are integrated into a single chip called "SoC (System-On-chip)". Analog or memory blocks have to be designed with digital logic blocks based on the same process technology. Therefore "chip design" is getting more difficult. But, we can avoid these difficulties or reducing risks by using IP blocks. IP ( Intellectual Property )is a circuit block which is already designed and proved at the silicon wafer-level. Especially, eNVM ( embedded Non-Volatile Memory ) blocks are widely used as one of the core components necessary for executing internal programming codes or storing some parameters. Any information or data can be almost permanently stored into these eNVM blocks.

But, eNVM IP blocks require a lot of technical experience and high-level of knowledge for cell, design, device, process, test, and even reliability. It takes at least a few years to build a non-volatile technology and related eNVM IP blocks at a foundry fab.

WingCore is a fabless company which is designing eNVM IP blocks and providing IP service to SoC fabless customers, cooperating with foundry fabs in Korea to develop the embedded NVM technologies (cell, process, reliability, design and test scheme) since 2009.